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Columbia City Ballet OUTREACH performance of The Grinch
Friday, December 13, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.


Columbia City Ballet Artistic Director William Starrett had the vision to develop curriculum-driven educational ballet performance experiences that would be accompanied by a teacher’s guide, choosing stories and topics that help our young people with today’s concerns and developmental needs.

However, these are not dress rehearsals that we open to the public; our productions are specially made each season to:

  • Provide a deep understanding of the art form of ballet
  • Enhance the lives of every patron in attendance
  • Educate the community at the highest level each season
  • Obtain a greater knowledge and appreciation of ballet
  • Leave you yearning to learn more about the performing arts in Columbia!

Performances last approximately an hour and include a Q&A. Performances are narrated so each student has a clear understanding of the story and can fully appreciate the professional ballet of the Columbia City Ballet.

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