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Portraits Past and Present - An Exhibition of Work by Colin Dodd
Opens Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Artist's Statement

I have been engaged in making portraits since the early 1980’s. My most important series of works is a group of multiphasic, biographical portraits intended as an homage to the humanistic spirit of the twentieth century and to the creative, challenging and complex individuals who formulated Modernism. These are portraits, but they are meant to convey more than just the physical appearance of an individual. They express the life and work of each subject through a multi-layered technique, juxtaposing images and ideas from a variety of sources. A major part of the effort required to execute these works was to exhaustively research the lives and works of these artists. The paintings are meant to be didactic, presenting these figures to a wider audience and greater recognition for their contributions to the fabric of contemporary artistic and intellectual life. It is intended that this quality will generate a similar experience for the viewer, providing a stimulus for further investigation. The portrait concept has evolved in a number of different directions from the original group, for example I created a series on dictators (not as a homage I hasten to add!) but rather to explore the opposite tendency to the humanistic spirit...the stifling of creativity and freedom of expression, the eradication of individualism and the annihilation of truth. Most recently I have created a series on popular culture and in particular some of my favorite musicians, including John Lennon and Bob Dylan.