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Make Music Day 2020
June 21, 2020


Make Music Day 2020

This year, Make Music Day is going virtual, and we are looking to post and repost videos of Midlands families participating in two musical activities on our social media pages this Sunday, June 21st.

Bash the Trash

Building fun instruments out of household items to look at "trash" in a new way. This activity is especially great for kids and parents looking for an at-home activity! Instructional videos and examples can be found by visiting 

Live from Home

Inviting local musicians to record and post a musical performance from home on June 21st and tag three friends on social media inviting them to do the same. More information can be found by visiting


You can either post the videos on social media and tag the Koger Center this Sunday, June 21st or send videos directly to me at and I will upload them on the day. You are welcome to choose one or participate in both! Please use #BashtheTrash and/or #LiveFromHome. Our social media pages will turn into a day-long celebration of local musical talent on Sunday. 


We would greatly appreciate you sharing this with friends, relatives, parents, and any musicians you think would like to participate in this virtual, global musical celebration. No pressure, but we would love to feature some of your talent - and that of your family and friends too! 


Thank you so much and look forward to seeing everyone in person soon.