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Janet Swigler
1593 Project - A Call For Art From The Koger Center for the Arts


“Nothing Stays the Same” is the first quilt in the series of five compositions that are the result of digging deep into memories and experiences of my life.  Those inspirations include the delightful array of colors in a new box of crayons at the beginning of a school year; the unadorned lines of a torii gate that marks the entrance to a shrine, frequently seen during four years in Japan as a child; and piers and pilings, both sturdy and derelict, scattered along coastal waters.  The title suggests the idea that the place being remembered has changed over time, that my memories of that place change as time passes, and that each new piece in the series evolves from the previous ones. The arrangement of shapes in all of the quilts is similar but the specific palette, range of color values, and quality of line differs in each one.

My quilts honor the tradition of early quilt making and show the versatility of a medium that uses only fabric and thread.   All of my quilts are improvisational, cut free-hand, and created intuitively without the use of templates or patterns. Construction of each quilt is done in the same manner as a traditional quilt – a pieced top, batting, and backing all sandwiched together then held in place with quilting stitches. The final quilting, or mark-making, adds another layer of depth and dimension to the quilt surface. Each quilt in this series is approximately 60” x 60”.

The use of color, improvisation, and imaginative re-structuring of a simple shape are important components of the abstract quality of my work.  Mindfulness of the aesthetics of everyday life and attentiveness to nature are underlying elements.  

“Nothing Stays the Same” was exhibited at Stormwater Studios, Columbia, SC, in November, 2019. 

I am presently working on the sixth piece in the series and am developing an idea for the next piece in the continuation of the series.