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Kimberly Case
Winner of The 1593 Project - A Call For Art From The Koger Center for the Arts


A link to more of the pieces submitted by Kimberly Case to be added at a later time.

Kimberly Case is an award-winning local visual artist, focusing on fine art portrait photography.

Her work in many media has been exhibited around the Greater Columbia area, including the SC State Fair where in 2018 her portrait creation Girl with Sword won Best of Show in the professional category, and in 2019, The Laborer won the blue ribbon for photography, while Girl with Wheat won a merit award for photography.

Recently, works by Kimberly have been exhibited at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art's Columbia "Open Studios City Hall Exhibition" (2020), The Spartanburg Fringe Festival (2019), as well as in local establishments. Her first solo art exhibition was held the summer of 2019, and showcased over 70 fine art portraits and still life photographs. Next spring, her studio will be among the workplaces featured on the 701 Center for Contemporary Art "Open Studios" art tour. Kimberly's art pieces are in private collections across the midlands.

Incorporating sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe and props, her photographs are often mistaken at first for paintings, due to their tones and aura. Hallmarks of her work are richness and whimsy. "For me, storytelling is key; it's what makes the art relevant. I seek to transport the viewer to another place and time."

Kimberly is a photographer with Studio 3P, LLC in Irmo, SC and a member of Seven Oaks Art League.

Artist Statement - In the Time of COVID

In the Time of COVID is a real-time journey through the pandemic of COVID-19, through the lens of a self portrait artist.

I wanted to have a record, something I could look back on, that would remind me of the unfolding events as well as how I was feeling on particular days. I also needed something to help keep myself busy and in tune with my art and myself.

At the beginning, ai had no idea I would be working on this project for several months... The first image was taken March 25; the final image was shot July 25. The entire series is over 40 photgraphic self portraits and still life works focusing on aspects of life during the pandemic such as isolation, altering of routines, search for information, tangible boredom, signals of hope, desire for normalcy.

Some images are extremely personal, such as the ones that deal with a family member's cancer diagnosis. Many  of the images address shared experiences, seemingly spanning the globe.

-Kimberly Case