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Quarantune's Livestreaming Concert - Instinto NorteƱo
Friday, February 26 - 7:00 p.m.


The Koger Center for the Arts is proud to partner with McKissick Museum for this performance as a part of their Quarantunes series of livestreamed concerts. This performance by Instinto Norteño will be on Friday February 26th at 7pm and will be livestreamed on both the Koger Center and McKissick Museum Facebook pages. Be sure to tune in to McKissick's Facebook the night before on Thursday, February 25th at 7pm for Meet the Artist as well, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Instinto Norteño. 

Facebook Live Event

Instinto Norteño, led by brothers Jaime and Adrian Real performs the musical genre of norteño, a regional music based in the Northern region of Mexico with roots in Texas and Mexico. 

Norteño, also referred to as la música norteña, represents a combination of styles in the northern states of Mexico and the music of Czech, German, and Austrian immigrants that settled in Texas in the 19th century. In norteño music, Mexican boleros, huapangos, and zapateados are played in tandem with European waltzes, polkas, and schottisches. Primarily led by the accordion and bajo sexto or quinto – a Mexican stringed instrument similar to a guitar – norteño is a representation of multicultural influence along the border of Texas and Mexico. 

Performing since 2017, Instinto Norteño are one of, if not the, most highly demanded norteño groups in South Carolina. At just 17 and 21 respectively, brothers and co-bandleaders Jaime and Adrian Real have quickly established themselves across the Palmetto State, regularly performing for weddings and quinceañeras, an extremely important event celebrated across Latin America and United States celebrating a woman’s transition from childhood to young womanhood on her fifteenth birthday. Instinto Norteño is equally a group effort, featuring the talents of Javier Rivera on lead vocals; Eduardo Aguilar on bass guitar; Martin Lopez on the drums; and Victor Benitez as sound engineer, animator, and providing additional vocals. Most recently, Instino Norteno have performed in North Carolina and Tennessee, with plans to continue across the country.